Drug R&D Services & Solutions

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Drug R&D Services & Solutions

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  • Spillo background
    Key driver in improving the performance of pharmaceutical companies

    SPILLOproject provides a spectrum of specific services aimed at optimizing various phases of the drug discovery and development process

    By means of SPILLO-PBSS we can analyse the whole structural proteome of Homo sapiens and other organisms (e.g., Mus musculus, Rattus norvegicus) to highlight the potential target and off-target proteins of any small-molecule. In fact, in addition to the experimentally solved protein structures available from the RCSB Protein Data Bank (corresponding to approximately 40% of the human proteome), since July 2021 we also have the possibility to analyse the artificial intelligence (AI) predicted AlphaFold Protein Structure Database (corresponding to about 100% of the human proteome).

    ORGANISM Protein 3D-structures
    RCSB Protein Data Bank
    Solved by X-ray diffraction, solution NMR, cryo-EM
    (with redundancies)
    AlphaFold Protein Structure Database
    Predicted by AI (Released in: July 2021)
    (without redundancies)
    Homo sapiens


    Structural coverage of the human proteome: ~ 40%


    Structural coverage of the human proteome: ~100%
    Mus musculus 7,790+ 21,600+
    Rattus norvegicus 3,480+ 21,270+
    Total: 66,550+ (April 2022) 66,260+ (July 2021)


    Structural details concerning the location of the potential binding sites on the protein structures and the relative 3D-orientation of the molecule are also provided by the analysis.